Meet project manager here at Spring Street, Rick Corwin. An all-around handy-man, Rick has been the overseer of all things construction and maintenance in order to get Spring Street ready for its guests.

So far, Rick and co. have been rewiring the house from the main panel to each apartment, all of which have its own separate panel. New water heaters were also installed in each unit. Rick, with the help of electrician Chuck, replaced the wiring which brought the electrical side up to code standards - as they had probably not been updated in decades. They rewired and replaced the ceiling fans on the wrap around porch - a definite must-have for the warm summers here in Florida.

Rick is currently working on replacing the gas stoves with electric stoves to provide efficiency for guests. While issues have risen, like having to replace the sink in one unit because of water damage from an unknown leak, Rick is fearless and hard at work trying to resolve issues in a timely and cost efficient manner.