Gulf State Heating & Air did a wonderful job on installing the new HVAC system at Spring Street. An HVAC system has never been placed at the property, this was a huge undertaking for the crew that did the installation.

The project started underneath the house, by cutting space in the floor for vents and continued with the placement of duct work connecting the heating/cooling system to the floor vents. A straight cool split system was placed with each individual cooling unit installed for each all four units on both levels of the home. This helps optimize efficiency and lower the need for service calls in the future. Installing a straight cool split system was a suggestion by the professionals at Gulf State Heating & Air, it came highly recommended for units that will be occupied by renters, whether it be short or long term.

The HVAC crew suspended the air handlers for the first floor to the floor joyces under the home securing the handlers with metal strapping. The smaller downstairs unit, #2, now has a half ton heating and cooling system in place and the larger unit, #1, has a 2 ton package heating and air system in place. 

Heading upstairs, you will find the heating/cooling units placed in the attic along with freshly ran duct work and newly placed vents and returns for the systems. The crew placed the heating/cooling unit for Unit 3 and 4 above the units in the attic because of the close proximity, which allows for sufficient heat and air flow. 

Big thanks to Gulf State Heating & Air for their hard work to ensure our guests will be cool before the Florida summer heat picks up.