Spring Street underwent a major update: a new roof has been installed by RRCA Roofing & Reconstruction Company. John Holleman, who has been with RRCA for 2 years, was the project manager for the complete roof tear off and full replacement on Spring Street.

John worked in the insurance field for 26 years, his most recent position was held as the Vice President with Prudential. During his time working for insurance companies, John’s favorite aspect of the business was helping clients maximize their policy coverage to ensure the greatest benefit when working through an insurance claim. This aspect easily transpires into his work in the roofing industry. John’s favorite phrase to use when it comes to insurance roofing claims is, “Squeaky wheel gets the grease”. This is a reminder that if you are not satisfied with the work performed by a company, speak up and make sure your concerns are not only heard, but addressed.

RRCA Roofing & Reconstruction Company knows that no project ever goes smoothly, even with the best laid plans. If lines of communication are kept open, the ability to address and fix problems that arise during the process is much easier than waiting until the completion of the project. RRCA does provide a 5 year workmanship, which promises the company will come out and fix any problems related to the project they have completed. Having this type of security provides customers with peace of mind, especially with the huge undertaking a roof replacement.

RRCA Roofing & Reconstruction is Bronze Certified, licensed and insured and provides Worker’s Compensation for its workers. When seeking out a roofing company to complete repairs or new roof, these are qualifications that are very important. Before replacing a roof, you will need to secure a permit through your local permitting office. Once you have the permit, work can begin and is typically completed within 2-3 days, weather permitting. Older homes do typically take a bit longer to complete, as some unexpected issues can arise.

John spoke highly about how important it is for the client to be educated so they are able to make well informed decisions. He wanted to leave us with this information:

-         Take time to figure out your insurance policy. There are two different main types of home insurance policies. RCV – Replacement Cash Value – and ACV – Actual Cash Value. RCV is typically the best route, even in areas with higher storm damage possibilities, because once the damage is proven the repairs are approved. ACV provides the insurance customer with the depreciated value of the repairs, even after damage is proven, which often leaves customers with a higher payment out-of-pocket because only some of the repairs will be covered by the depreciated value of the repairs. It is best to speak with your insurance adjuster ahead of time to understand what would work best for you in certain situations.


Remember, knowledge is key!