Original hardwood flooring is a charming feature in historical homes. The beauty of the original flooring is a perk that is sought after and appreciated by the masses. 

One way to spruce up the worn in flooring is to polish it up with a bit of stain. 

First step is to pick a stain color, we prefer to use the Minwax Brand in the color of Bombay Mahogany. Make sure the floor is clean from debris and mopped well so the stain can absorb correctly. Next, take the applicator tool and apply in a sweeping motion, only overlapping slightly (about an inch, tops). After the stain is applied, give it ample time to soak into the wood flooring, we have found letting it soak in over night provides the best results. Voila, 100 year old flooring is shining like it did the day it was laid in place.

Another major perk to staining flooring is the ease in cleaning the flooring after the stain treatment. The floors are easily swept, mopped or even steam cleaned with a hardwood floor steamer.