Kipling Street's garage to studio renovation recently underwent a complete electrical installation. This process started with the placement of the breaker box. Then outlet boxes were strategically placed throughout the unit, to provide optimal accessibility to light switches and outlets for the future tenants. Once the outlet boxes were placed, the correct wires were run from the breaker box to the outlet boxes. 

Our contractor, Dallas Goodale, found a reputable local company, Don Wheelis Electrical Contractors to take on the complete eletcrical installation. Marshall Wheelis, Don's son, oversaw the process from planning to pulling permits to completion. Don Wheelis Electrical Contractors has been an established business in Pensacola for close to 20 years, Marshall has accompanied his Dad on job sites nearly the entire time the business has been in place, which provided him with hands on knowledge and experience. This particular project at Kipling took 2 days from start to finish. Marshall said, "We can complete a rewire project on a home in 1-7 days, depending on the square footage."

Word of wisdom that Marshall provided was to make sure you pull your permits from the city and the county before beginning your project. It will ensure a quicker inspection if the permits are secured prior to starting the project.