Older homes have many gorgeous features, but need attention and a little TLC to maximize efficiency when it comes to planning for energy costs, especially with a short term rental property. 

Applying caulk to the windows and cracks in a home can help keep the cool air in and the heat from the outdoors where it belongs, especially in the hot and humid Florida climate. 

A little tip for when you apply caulk to a surface: have a bucket of water on hand, as well as a cloth. Once you have applied the caulk to the surface, simply wipe the surface with the damp cloth to where the surface is smooth. You can rinse your cloth off in the bucket or you can use the caulk you removed for small holes, such as nail or screw holes. You can apply this process to everything from baseboards, bathroom remodels, windows updates, etc. The possibilities truly are endless.

Whatever you do, DO NOT dump the rinsed caulk water down any drains IN your home. Go outside and dump the bucket in a back corner or your lot or in the street drain. Rinse with an outside hose. If you happen to rinse the bucket in your bathtub or sink, the caulk may settle in your indoor plumbing and will be a nightmare to remove, so rinsing outside is best!