Well Done… Danielle Mitchell!

Having achieved over $2 MILLION in contracts during four short months at the end of 2016, Danielle is also a TOP GUN award winner. She has always been a caring, nurturing, and fun-loving person. In addition to achieving success in corporate sales and negotiating contracts in Pensacola and on the national level, she also worked for many years as a nurse. Danielle takes pleasure in meeting people and learning more about their stories and life experiences. She became a nurse in 2004 and took a great deal of pride and passion in doing what was best for her patients and their families. She has been an LPN in the Pensacola and surrounding area for the past 13 years, tending to the needs of patients and families from all walks of life. Danielle will always be a friendly and compassionate person, with the kind heart of a nurse and the stellar drive of a champ.

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